About Chris

Chris Werthe (pronounced “worthy”) was born in 1982 in Santa Ana, CA.  After high school, Chris joined the United States Navy as a nuclear operator on submarines.  After 6 years in the Navy, Chris joined the United States Army for another 3 years where he met his wife, Constance.  After 9 years of military service, Chris started his academic studies and got his bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering Technology from Thomas Edison State College in 2013.  Since college, Chris has been working at the LA Department of Water and Power, currently as the DWP’s sole Chief Safety Engineer covering all of Los Angeles as the largest public utility in the country.  Chris manages the quality assurance and control program for DWP’s Generation Station repairs and maintenance. Chris is currently attending Cal. State Northridge to complete his Master’s degree in Public Administration by fall of 2019.

Chris and Constance Werthe have been happily married since 2007.  They have 3 lovely children, David, Kevin and Alex. David, 7, is enrolled in the special education program in the Newhall School District.  Kevin will be starting kindergarten this year, and Alex is going to College of the Canyons. Chris and Constance live in their beautiful family home in Valencia, CA.

What’s working in the SCV

Chris and his family moved to Santa Clarita because it truly is “Awesometown.”  It’s a great place to work. A great place to raise a family. A great place to have fun and be a part of a vibrant community.  But, although we live in a desirable city, we cannot get complacent. We must be vigilant in fighting for our city and for our residents.

  • Low Crime, but… violent crimes are increasing
  • Great Schools, but… they lack good civic engagement
  • Good economy, but… few good paying jobs
  • Great people / small town / friendly atmosphere, but… the city will outgrow its current plan
  • Nice streets and neighborhoods, but.. homes are unaffordable

What Needs to Change in the SCV

Unfortunately, we need to make some significant changes in our city not only to keep it from becoming dilapidated but to keep it modern and a city for future businesses and families.  Chris has a powerful, forward-looking vision as the next City Council Member for Santa Clarita.

  • Traffic
  • Homelessness
  • Jobs
  • Affordable Housing
  • Pollution

Vote Chris Werthe For City Council

I want to hear your concerns.  I want to hear your suggestions.  I want to earn your vote.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or recommendations.